Ananya Sarkar, 3rd semester student of School of Mass Communication got 2nd prize in classical dance in Xpressions’ 18 the annual fest of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar.

“Before declaring the positions, the top 3 participants were called upon the stage. I was one amongst the three. I was a little disappointed that I not get the 1st prize, but participation matters” Ananya said.

“I enjoyed a lot and I got to talk to so many new people from different parts of the country. The most important thing is I got the blessings from the judges, they were overwhelmed seeing my performance and that is what every dancers or musicians want,” she added.

 Virasat is Xpressions’ 18(XIMB fest) one and only classical competition with participants from all over India competing in three categories – Classical Dance, Classical Singing and Instrumentals.