We are delighted to share the successful completion of कलरव on May 13, 2023, the farewell party for the final year students of BCJ and MCJ at KIIT School of Mass Communication – KSMC! It was a day filled with music, dance, and moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the graduating batches of BCJ and MCJ. As you step into the next chapter of your lives, may you embrace new opportunities, conquer new challenges, and achieve remarkable success.

To the BCJ batch: Your exceptional storytelling skills and journalistic passion have been an inspiration. May you continue to uncover the truth, shape narratives, and make a positive impact in the world. Best of luck to all of you!

To the MCJ batch: Your creative flair and media expertise have shone brightly throughout your time at KSMC. May you continue to captivate audiences, amplify voices, and bring about meaningful change through your work. We are incredibly proud of you all!

Remember, this is just the beginning of a remarkable journey. The skills, knowledge, and friendships you have forged here will serve as a strong foundation for your future endeavors. Always believe in yourselves, follow your passions, and keep pushing boundaries.

We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who made कलरव a resounding success – the organizing committee, performers, volunteers, and every single person who contributed their time and effort to make this event truly memorable. Your dedication and hard work are truly commendable.

To all the students, faculty, and staff who attended कलरव, thank you for your enthusiasm, energy, and for creating an electric atmosphere that will be remembered forever. Let’s cherish the memories we’ve made and continue to support and uplift one another on our individual journeys.

Once again, congratulations to the graduating batches of BCJ and MCJ! Your potential knows no bounds, and we can’t wait to witness your future achievements. May your dreams soar high and may success be your constant companion.