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Founder’s Message

School of Mass Communication

I am glad that KIIT has expanded its horizon by including in its realm the School of Film, Fashion and Mass Communication in 2011. It has a dedicated campus with state-of-the-art facilities and a one-of-its-kind studio in the country. The main intention behind opening this school was to bring variety to our campus, like different flowers in a garden, blooming and adorning the space. I am delighted to note that this school became very popular in a short time thanks to its Founder Director, Prof Himanshu Khatua who spared no effort in making this school vibrant. The school’s faculty members consist of reputed experts from the fashion and media fields, who dedicatedly ensure that the school’s students receive the best of both academia and practical experience in the field. I welcome my loveable KIITians to the splendid world of Film, Media and Communication.